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5 Amazing Nonverbal Classroom Management Resources

If you’re a teacher, you’ve dealt with unprecedented changes over the last few years. We may be back in the classroom — but classroom management is more challenging than ever.

Do you wish you had help with things like:

  • Managing your classroom successfully?
  • Establishing relationships with hard-to-reach students?
  • Improving group dynamics and dealing with inappropriate behaviors?
  • Having difficult conversations with students — or their parents?
  • Teaching in ways that a variety of learning styles can understand?

As a former educator, Michael Grinder pioneered proven nonverbal communication strategies allowing teachers to connect with students faster, teach more effectively, and have difficult conversations successfully. If you’re new to Michael’s work, here’s a list of his top five most popular classroom management books for teachers.

1. ENVoY — Educational Non-verbal Yardsticks

ENVoY is Michael’s best-selling book for teachers about the science of classroom management techniques. It’s a collection of 31 techniques or skills — ensuring teachers know what to do for the variety of situations they encounter!

You’ll learn strategies to help you get your students’ attention, how to have more time teaching (and spend less time managing), and discover how to guide your students through “seatwork” effectively.

The book is presented in an easy-to-read format with plenty of examples and evaluation forms that the individual teacher can fill out themselves and as peer observation competency sheets. This format allows for peer coaching – the single fastest way to increase professional growth. The techniques are mostly nonverbal and, despite, their importance, are rarely taught in teacher preparation programs.

Available as a book or ebook!

2. A Cat in the Doghouse

In this book, Michael uses the analogy of our beloved household pets — cats and dogs — so that we can easily understand what motivates all of our students. This book focuses on how to use nonverbal communication to establish relationships with your students — in particular those hard-to-reach ones!

The book discusses the importance of systematic flexibility. All students are unique, complex, and multifaceted — their diverse personalities and backgrounds are part of what makes teaching such a fascinating, rewarding profession (most days). At the same time, as professionals, we continually learn new ways to connect with our students; it is in this spirit that Michael offers a model called “Cats and Dogs.”

The techniques and tools he shares will transform your classroom into a more “humane society.”

Available as a book or ebook!

3. A Healthy Classroom

The relationships between the teacher and students — and the students amongst themselves — are critical for a positive learning atmosphere. A Healthy Classroom is the art of classroom management. This book is designed to help us understand the most challenging management situations the teacher faces – grappling with both the individual and the class at the same time. You’ll learn how to tackle these group dynamic situations with insight and practical axioms!

The book is uniquely written to correspond with the first four months of the school year, with a checklist of the indicators and benefits of a healthy classroom. Gain strategies to affect seasonal ebbs and flows of your own and the class’s energy!

Available as a book or ebook!

4. Hostile Parent Conference — Avoiding a Cat Fight ebook

Most teachers dread parent-teacher conferences — but you don’t have to! This short step-by-step ebook prepares teachers and gives them confidence before, during, and after conferences. Quickly learn how to bring about greater understanding and continued cooperation – all in the best interest of the student.

Bonus — this ebook is only $1.95!

A personal note from Michael Grinder:

This is my opportunity to provide an understanding that I wish I had had when I was first teaching. Heck, I could have used this wisdom even in my fifteenth year. What is that understanding? An understanding of conferences in general and, in particular, a difficult parent conference. And, most importantly, an understanding that we can be outstanding teachers regardless of the level of success we achieve in a given conference.

Michael Grinder

5. Learning Styles for Educators

Have you ever noticed how school is like a private club for visual-oriented children who can see content in their mind’s eye? That means auditory and kinesthetic learners don’t have the same “access” — and can’t learn as easily.

With this 7-step training series, you’ll walk away understanding how you can help your students learn more easily – simply by altering your teaching style.

This program also includes videos, quizzes, and implementation activities.

We hope you found this list helpful! Please share with an educator in your life.

P.S. There are discounts available for our top 3 products when you purchase them as a bundle! Get the Classroom Management Trilogy as books or ebooks.

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