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Managing Class Conduct Nonverbally

By Daniel A. Domenech/School Administrator, April 2018   CLASSROOM CIVILITY can depend greatly on classroom management. Those of us who have spent time in the classroom fully recognize that little learning will take place in an out-of-control classroom. In “The Key to Classroom Management” article in Educational Leadership (September 2003), Robert Marzano says research has shown us that …

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The Effectiveness of Nonverbal Skills on Students

Can we motivate students through non-verbal communication? Master of Arts thesis extract by Dirk Lagerwaard (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain) In this extract, Dirk details the results that were found when Michael’s non-verbal skills were applied by teachers in secondary schools. The student’s level of engagement and motivation were evaluated against the non-verbal language used by the teachers. Eight skills …

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Professional Learning Community

By Dr. Kendall Zoller A commentary on Michael Grinder’s model. This slide is from a keynote I delivered at the California Mathematics and Science Partnership Fall Conference in Sacramento. The keynote, Forging Partnerships: Tools for building collaborative groups, proposed to link the works of DuFour, Garmston and Wellman, Grinder, and Zoller & Landry to show …

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Michael Grinder is the Master of Non-Verbals

Gabi Dolke, Michael’s German translator, describes Michael’s strengths and her experiences with his work. “Reading” a person’s traits and finding out about his or her strengths and liabilities is one of his easier tasks. “Reading” a group and conducting ‘Group Wizardry’ through the Art and Science of Non-verbal Communication is his daily masterpiece. His extraordinary …

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